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Redwood 1x remilled from 2x tongue and groove

This material was salvaged from the deconstruction of the Simpson Timber Company Arcata Remanufacturing Plant. The wood is characterized by tight, straight grain and numerous birdseye patterns appearing randomly. It came from timber growing on the slopes of the lower Klamath River, near to what is now Redwood National Park. These trees are known for their age (many older than 2000 years) and for growing slowly under a tall canopy with abundant rain in the winter and fog in the summer.

Since the original feedstock is tongue and groove, we can split the planks to make a shiplap paneling, or we can have it ripped to a square edged board. Most of our stock is in short lengths (4' - 6'), but we do have some stock that is longer.

Rough sawn thickness is 3/4"

The entire lot is approximately 50,000 Board Feet.

Remilled RWD 1x

Remilled RWD 1x  
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There is a commercial airport in Arcata (serviced by United Express) and several non-commercial airfields in the Eureka area.  If you plan to fly in, let us know and we will pick you up.

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