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Barn Wood

Eureka Barn/Shop

Here are some of the latest wood products we have reclaimed from old California redwood barns in Humboldt County. The barns were in Eureka and McKinnleyville and you can view the inventory here. These materials are prized for decking and panelling and have tight grain, few to no knots.

While some of this material has been sold, we will be dismantling several large early 20th century barns in Loleta and Ferndale. There is a large quantity of old growth redwood 1x barn siding, 2x6 rafters, and 6x6 timbers on this site.


McKinnleyville Barn


Full Sawn Redwood 2x6 and Redwood 1x4 tongue and groove panelling



Redwood 1x6 tongue and groove and redwood 4x timbers

The barns yielded many different dimensions of 1x as well as 4x and 6x salvaged redwood. Some of the 1x panelling was shiplap patterned siding, tongue and groove, and plain board barn siding. There is also a quantity of 2x4, full dimension. These barns were built in the early part of the 20th century when only the finest redwood was used in construction. One of the barns was also a shop built by a carpenter/cabinetmaker who carefully selected the wood for his workplace. View approximate inventory


SOLD OUT Surfaced Redwood 2x6





There is a commercial airport in Arcata (serviced by United Express) and several non-commercial airfields in the Eureka area.  If you plan to fly in, let us know and we will pick you up.

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